TxDOT Prepared To Keep Roads Open

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The last day of November bought winter weather. By mid-morning on Thursday, temperatures dropped into the mid 30s, and early rains made roads slick. Preparations to keep highways and bi-ways open had already began.

Bob Colwell from the Texas Department of Transportation says they started to make arrangements on Tuesday.

"On Wednesday, we kind of went ahead and got our chip spreaders on to spread the rock we needed to, so we've been waiting for this," Colwell said.

With a two-day jump, TxDOT has road crews ready to move out when they are given the word.

Colwell said, "There's men and women that are out that are going over our over-passes and bridges, and they're checking every hour or two or so."

They are out there checking and re-checking roads to make sure ice has not formed. Bridges and over-passes will get the most attention early. The reason is that those are the first roadways to ice over when it begins to freeze.

TxDOT will be working throughout the night and early morning keeping a watchful eye out. As colder temperatures are expected to linger in the area, they are asking motorists to be cautious on the roads.