Bedias Resident Killed in Mobile Home Fire

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A space heater could be to blame for a fatal mobile home fire in Bedias.
According to Grimes County officials, the fire started around 7 a.m. on Friday, at 21744 Highway 90 in Bedias.

Fire crews arrived within minutes, but were unable to save 63 year old, Jerry Goolsby.

"It could have gone a lot of different ways," David Schumate, a Grimes County resident said. "I would have preferred this didn't happen. It's pretty awful."

Schumate rushed to help his neighbor Friday morning when he saw his mobile home on fire.

"My landlady was walking over to the trailer," Schumate said. "I heard her shout call 911, so I got the phone and handed it to my son, and then we tried to get in."

But, by the time he got there it was too late.

"He said move back and he kicked the door open and when he kicked the door open it was engulfed in flames," Renee Matthews, a Grimes County resident said.

Fire had swept through the small travel trailer, killing Goolsby and burning his body beyond recognition.

"He's in a much better place and that's what he wanted," Matthews said. "His lady is gone, his sons were gone and that's all he ever talked about."

Fire officials believe a space heater could be to blame.
Witnesses say the man had recently purchased two heaters in preparation for colder weather.

Officials say the investigation into the exact cause of the fire is on-going.
Initial reports indicate it was accidental.