Farm Bureau Wants Eminent Domain Overhaul

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ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - The Texas Farm Bureau wants to overhaul
state laws on how governmental bodies can seize private property.

The group says it's too easy for Texans to lose their land.

The issue will be discussed at the Texas Farm Bureau's 73rd annual convention this weekend in Arlington.

The Bureau on Monday is expected to adopt a policy that will be part of a bill submitted to the 2007 Legislature.

Under a proposed bill, not as many entities would have the power to take land and homes from residents.

Also, if land were to be seized for pipeline or utility lines, residents would receive ongoing royalty payments in addition to the property's fair market value.

The Associated Press reports that no matter what the land would be used for, residents would be paid for their legal and appraisal fees and given enough time to move.