Aggie Students Offer Visions for New HSC

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Now that we know Texas A&M's Health Science Center will be located in Bryan, some students are giving the public an idea of what it could look like.

For the last few weeks, groups of architecture and construction sciences students have worked on conceptual designs for the Health Science Center. The seven groups made their presentations to officials Monday afternoon.

Those officials said their work was an excellent example of A&M collaboration.

"It's wonderful to be able to see a three-dimensional idea of what could happen over the course of the next decade or two," said Nancy Dickey, the head of the Health Science Center. "It's very exciting for people who are right in the middle of it, and certainly for people for those who might need a little bit of encouragement to think that it might be real."

The new facility will be located on 200 acres at Highways 47 and 60 across from Easterwood Airport.