Bryan Man Arrested in CS Shooting

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A Bryan man was arrested Tuesday after shooting a woman at a College Station gas station, according to College Station police.

It happened at the Max Express Shell station at the intersection of Rock Prairie and Wellborn Road.

According to police, Amanda Holland was getting gas when a man came up to her and mumbled something. Holland called her husband to join her at the gas station. The suspect began shooting at the couple and Amanda Holland was hit.

The couple drove to College Station Middle School to wait for an ambulance.
She was taken to the College Station Medical Center, where she was treated for a single gunshot wound to the arm and released.

Byron Cunningham, 18, of Bryan, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and three counts of aggravated assault.

According to police, Cunningham showed the store clerk his gun and took a pair of gloves. The clerk was not injured in the incident.

A delivery driver also told police that Cunningham pointed a gun in her direction and fired a single shot. The delivery driver was not injured.