Students Interested in Gates' Senate Hearing

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As Texas A&M President Robert Gates sat in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee for his confirmation hearing, some Aggies made time to get in front of the television to watch their university president.

Since his nomination, many have had time to get used with the idea of Dr. Gates no longer being at Texas A&M University. Aggies at large think Dr. Gates will be confirmed as the new US Secretary of Defense.

According to A&M students, the main reason why so many people share this opinion is because of Dr. Gates' forward thinking.

Evan Cettie, a biology major at A&M, said, "He's really made a huge contribution to the university, and I know he's going to bring a fresh outlook on different issues that he's going to be facing in Iraq and just with the overall security of the nation."

Fellow student, Ryan Price agrees with Cettie.

"I've been here at A&M for four years now, and just to see the progression that he has made here and the big changes that he has instilled here at A&M, I just really think that Dr. Gates has a real progressive way of thinking, and I think that that is really necessary right now for what is going on in Iraq," he said.

In general, most people think a new perspective on how the war should be handled is long overdue. Cettie said if Dr. Gates is confirmed, he will bring the same intensity to the Secretary of Defense position that he brought to Aggieland.

"The way he executes his goals and his missions for the university, I think that's going to carry over for how he treats his new position," said Cettie.