The Price Was Right For Brenham Woman

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A Brenham woman won big, when she and some friends attended a taping of The Price is Right, in honor of her 50th birthday.

Wednesday was an exciting morning in Brenham, as a group gathered around the T.V. to watch the show.

"Come on down!" Those were the words Debra Russell heard during the first few seconds of the show.

Russell said attending the show, was a birthday wish, she made ten years ago.

"When I turned 40, I said on my 50th birthday I was going to be on the Price is Right. So in January, I started writing for tickets," said Russell.

Russell got her birthday wish.

After making it to contestants row, she had to wait through five pricing games.
Finally, she gave the closest bid, without going over, and found herself alongside Bob Barker.

Russell said, "I was getting really, really nervous because as you can tell from the show, I was the last person that got to play a pricing game."

Although Russell didn't win a trip to Alaska during her individual game, she did have one more chance to win big.

"I thought ok, I got to get to the showcase or I'm not going to get a prize," said Russell.

Russell spun her way into the "Showcase Showdown," where she and another contestant placed bids on different showcases.

Russell's friends watching the show Wednesday morning anxiously awaited the results.

In the end, Russell won the "Showcase Showdown" which included prizes such as a portable hot tub, china, a dining room suit, and a Waverunner.

One thing is certain, Debra Russell will have a tough time topping her 50th birthday celebration.