County Legacy Ends

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For almost fifty years the Grimes County District Clerk's Office has been held by a Rucker. But when the new year arrives that will come to an end.

During the November general election, Wayne Rucker chose to not run for re-election as district clerk. Instead, he threw his hat in the ring for county judge but did not win.

Rucker says serving in the office of the district clerk has been fulfilling but now is the time to call it a career.

"It's been good to me and my family, but I just felt like I'd served in this office long enough," Rucker said.

Since March 1, 1977, Wayne Rucker worked as the Grimes County District Clerk. It's a job that he took over for his father, H.M. Rucker, who was first elected to the position in January 1959.

H.M. Rucker wasn't new to county politics. He served Grimes County as Deputy Sheriff ten years before running for district clerk.

H.M. was elected to five terms. His son Wayne was appointed to the position with 22 months remaining in his last term.

Wayne Rucker said, "He (his father) retired at age 64 due to declining health."

Rucker says replacing his dad only seemed natural because he had grown up around seeing and participating in community activities since he was ten years old. However, his three decade tenure has not been without controversy.

Rucker's career survived several lawsuits and a judical process to have him removed from his county position.

"I ran into a few stumps but I always felt like I was right and if I'm right I don't mind taking a stand," Rucker said.

Despite those events, Rucker hopes the community remembers that he tried to his best to carry out his responsibility. He says he swore to give everyone service and that is something he strived to do every day when he went to work.

Rucker says he leaves his office with many thanks to his colleagues and the citizens of Grimes County.