BISD Zoning Decision On Hold

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A decision on the proposed zoning changes for Bryan middle schools, may have to wait until the new year.

The Bryan ISD Board of trustees met Thursday afternoon to discuss zoning.

A decision was made to go with option four, for the high schools, which was the attendance zone committee's recommendation since it allowed for the best utilization of the capacity for the new Rudder High School.

No decision was made however, regarding the two options for middle school attendance zones.

The board instead agreed to not to rush in to a decision and to wait until more information and research could be collected.

"The research is real important to me because we're talking about emotions running real high right now," said Board Trustee, Brett Cumpton.

"As much as we were anticipating the vote today, I'm really glad that they tabled it because I'm pleased that the board members recognize that they are asking for more information," said parent Kelly Conrad.

A decision is expected to be reached regarding the middle school zoning sometime early next year.