Navasota Prize Patrol

The Navasota ISD Education Foundation presented grants totaling nearly $18,000 to 14 teachers on Friday. The money will be used to develop innovative instructional programs.

"This round of grants will bring the total grants given since 2003 to over $100,000", said Bert Miller, Navasota ISD Education Foundation.

Twenty teachers participated in the funding cycle that will award funds to teachers for programs starting in January 2007. Fourteen teachers, working on four distinct projects, were awarded $17,718. The projects and teachers are as follows:

Project: Conscious Discipline: Brain Smart Classroom Management
School: Webb Elementary
Award: $4,775
Teachers: Sue Meisel, Janet Davis, Kathy Harris, Susan Stanfield, and Tanya Spencer.

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program by Dr. Becky Bailey that empowers both teachers and students. The program is cased on current brain research, child development information, and developmentally appropriate practices. Its goal is to provide systemic changes in schools by fostering the emotional intelligence of teachers first and children second. Conscious Discipline offers a relationship-based community model of classroom management. The key is a sense of community. The "school family" is the core of the program. The school family is a held together through communication skills. These are taught during conflict moments in the classroom and through active learning lessons. The goal of the school family is to produce problem solvers. This grant will pay for the initial training of teachers and an administrator.

Project: Elementary Instrumental Music
School: Webb Elementary and Navasota Intermediate
Award: $4,993
Teachers: Pam Rushing and Megan Hayes

The Elementary Instrumental Music Project involves the purchasing of instrumental music for Webb Elementary and Navasota Intermediate students. The instruments will give students more hands on time making, reading, and playing music. The objective of the project is to have enough instruments for a class set, so all children may participate. This will increase the amount of instruction for each student. In addition, the collaboration between Webb Elementary and Navasota Intermediate will enable students to have a smooth transition between musical programs.

Project: Reinforcing Music Concepts through Notation Software
School: Navasota Music Programs District Wide
Award: $4,950
Teachers: Megan Hayes and James Malik

This project is designed to reinforce music concepts through the use of notation software, Finale. This project involves purchasing licenses for the Finale software that will be placed in all computer labs district wide. At any particular time, up to 30 computers can be using the software at the same time. It will enable Navasota ISD students to learn basic skills of reading and composing music, while reinforcing individual musical concepts. In this program, students are active rather than passive learners. The students learn how to integrate knowledge taught in multiple contexts and to be creative in composing musical works.

Project: Literacy Remediation and Improvement
School: Carver Learning Center
Award: $3,000
Teachers: Randall Pratt, Bobby Watt, George Beckworth, Stanley Sauls, and Jim Sampson.

The purpose of this grant is to use a combination of individualized reading remediation and on-line library systems to improve and stimulate the reading abilities of at-risk students. The Reading Rewards program will be used to teach individual reading skills. The on-line library system will be used to expose the at-risk students to a wide variety of reading material, from pleasure reading to research. In addition, the program plans to serve ESL and LEP students with the ELLIS computer program to help them master the English Language.