School Suspends Boy, 4, For Sexual Misconduct

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WACO, Texas (AP) - A school suspended a 4-year-old student for what the school says was - quote - "inappropriate sexual contact and/or sexual harassment" of a teacher's aide.

A letter from the La Vega school district to the boy' parents says the boy hugged a teacher's aide last month and then rubbed his face in her chest.

The boy's father, DaMarcus Blackwell, says he filed a complaint with the district. He says his son doesn't understand why he was punished.

La Vega school district officials say student privacy laws prevent them from commenting.

After Blackwell filed a complaint, a subsequent letter from the district removed references of sexual contact or sexual harassment from the boy's file.

The La Vega school district, which has five schools, covers about 30 miles around Waco.