Funeral Arrangements Set For Local Couple

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Funeral arrangements have been set for a local couple killed in a plane accident in Maryland.

Services for Timothy Kramer will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at Christ United Methodist Church in College Station. Services for Deborah Giant will be held at 3 p.m. Friday also at Christ United Methodist Church.

Timothy Kramer and Deborah Giant were headed to New York when the plane piloted by Kramer, crashed while approaching Lee Airport in Maryland.

"I was shocked and immediately grief stricken. I know Tim loved to fly, and I was terribly saddened that a life of somebody with so much to give to so many people, was taken so early," said David Rosowsky of the Texas A&M Department of Civil Engineering, a colleague of Timothy Kramer.

Kramer was a assistant professor in Civil Engineering at Texas A&M, and colleagues say he was well respected and liked among faculty and students.

"He brought a sense of positive spirit to the entire department whether he was with students, staff or faculty. He made people laugh and he engendered a sense of good spirit," said Kramer.

Deborah Giant was an employee of State Bank in Bryan. Co-workers on Monday remembered the woman that brought a little bit of joy with her to work everyday.

"Right outside her office is a series of shelves and every time the season changes like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, she decorates those shelves with the appropriate decor," said Sam Urso of State Bank in Bryan.

Urso said every time he and other employees passed the holiday-themed shelves, it would bring a smile to their faces. Co-workers say they will always remember Deborah with a smile on her face.

"She was always loud, laughing, smiling, she always had a positive aura around her," said Star Love, a colleague of Giant's.

David Kipp was one of the co-owners of the plane with Kramer, and said the partnership they formed is irreplaceable.

"It was the ideal partnership, quite honestly, the strengths that each one of us brought has been a wonderful relationship for the past five years," said Kipp.

Friends and colleagues say both Kramer and Giant left on their voyage to New York excited, and very happy.