Rules For Enjoying Holiday Shopping

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After you've made it through the shopping crowds and long lines, don't let all of your work, benefit would-be thieves. People are reminded time after time not to put packages or other belongings in plain view, but some shoppers still need to be told.

"That's just like having a neon sign on top of your vehicle that says, Hi make me your next victim," College Station police sergeant Janice Kemp said.

Kemp says aside from piling shopping bags or valuables inside your car, other things should be avoid to stay safe.

She advices that people should not over burden themselves with packages.

Kemp says, "Make short trips out to the car and if you're going to do that be sure you put the packages in the truck so that they're out of sight."

In addition Kemp tells shoppers to not let their bags and the trying to unlock their vehicle dominate their attention. When people become unaware of what is going on around them they can be easy targets.

"If you're standing at the truck of your car and somebody is in a van or another vehicle is pulling up or driving real slow, they could pull up beside you and just open the van door and either you, your purse, or your packages and be gone before you know it," said Kemp.

Anytime you go shopping, especially during the late evening, try and use the buddy system. And be sure to keep a watchful eye out on what or who is around you.

Being observant could foil the plan of any thief Kemp says because thieves do not want to be identified in any way. Kemp says police officers and mall security will be on alert, but shoppers also need to be on Grinch patrol as well.