Good-Bye Mrs. Gates

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Be careful what you wish for. Those were just some of the words of advice from the departing Becky Gates.

The wife of the soon to be former president of Texas A&M, Becky Gates says she has wished for some time to return to Washington. Unfortunately, she meant Washington State, not Washington, DC. That is where she and Robert Gates will be calling home once he is sworn in as Secretary of Defense December 18.

According to a spokesperson for the university, Becky Gates spoke in her usual cheerful manor at the J. Wayne Stark Galleries. In her speech, Becky said leaving Aggieland is bittersweet. As she has said many times since learning of the impending move, Mrs. Gates said A&M was a special place to her and that she planned to return.

The farewell ceremony for Gates was put on by the Texas A&M Women's Faculty Network on Tuesday. The afternoon was co-sponsored by the Women's & Gender Equity Resource Center, Employee Services, President's Office, and the Becky Gates Children's Center.

During the ceremony, the women's basketball team presented Mrs. Gates with a basketball.

Sherylon Carroll, Texas A&M University Relations, attended the event and said Di Fontenot, Director of the Becky Gates Childrens' Center, spoke and expressed deep sadness at Mrs. Gates pending departure.