American Airlines is Sprucing Up First Class

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Few routes are as important to American Airlines as the one that shuttles high-paying business travelers between New York and Los Angeles.

Those are the kind of passengers who value service over price. American doesn't want them to think that the nation's largest airline has slipped behind the competition on that.

American is fighting back with upgraded first-class cabins that include flat-screen televisions and personal entertainment devices offering movies, TV, music and video games.

As a bonus, replacing bulky analog tape systems and cathode-ray-tube monitors will free up enough room to add a first-class seat in some planes.

American will announce today it is spending nearly 20 (m) million dollars to spruce up its fleet of Boeing 767-200 aircraft.

American is already in the process of installing lie-flat seats in first class on Boeing 777s and 767-300s. Those are used on New York-London and other international flights.