Final Alleged Piece in Andrade Murder Puzzle Arrested

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The alleged third gunman in the one of the highest-profile crimes in recent history is finally behind bars.

Boris Mogilevich was arrested Saturday by Hungarian authorities working with the FBI. The Atlanta native was being sought for trafficking drugs from Mexico through Texas and on to Atlanta.

But Mogilevich is also wanted for the murder of rap producer Tommy Andrade back in 2003. He is believed to be one of three hitmen who went to Andrade's home and killed him on orders from drug trafficker Chad Davis.

Mogilevich is alleged to have fired the fatal shot.

FBI officials say it is likely the man known as "Short Fat" will be returned to Texas to face homicide charges before facing charges in Atlanta.

Extradition proceedings are underway.

Chad Davis is currently serving a life sentence for master-minding the murder. His brother, Trey, is serving 40 years for his involvement, though he was considered a lesser player.

In all, there were three hitmen allegedly involved in the shootout, all of which were hit. Bradley Patrick made a plea deal, and is serving a 20-year sentence. Jesse Mancuso died in the shootout.

Thomas Parent is serving 35 years for his role in organizing the murder.

The Davis boys' father, Willie, is currently in the midst of pre-trial hearings. He is accused of driving the hitmen out of the state.