Water Scam Targets Local Residents

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The Bryan Police Department was recently notified of a possible scam that may be targeting the Hispanic community, particularly those residing on Bryan’s west side.

The scam works like this: The suspects contact area residents by identifying themselves as employees of a government agency, possibly the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and ask to test the resident’s water quality.

Once allowed inside, the suspects take a sample of the water. The residents are then informed that their water is of poor quality and contains hazardous chemicals such as arsenic, lead, chlorine, etc.

The suspect then informs the resident that because the government cannot afford to replace all of the pipes and upgrade the resident’s water system, they are instead subsidizing the cost of the entire home water filtration system.

The resident is informed that the water filtration system normally costs $9,000, but because of this government program, the system will offered at a discount price of only $6,000.

It is believed that that these suspects are using false/ deceptive business practices to trick people into buying an unnecessary water system.

Please use caution if contacted in regards to this scam and do not allow strangers into your home. For more information, contact the Bryan Police Department at 209-5300.