Looking To The Mountain For Hope

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The dire situation facing three missing climbers has captured the attention of many across the nation. Among those watching and listening for any detail is Nella June Renfroe of Hearne.

Renfroe is the first cousin of missing climber Kelly James.

"We have known for a long time, for years that this was an interest of his and a passion of his," says Renfroe

That is why family members did not give it a second thought when James and two fellow climbers set out to climb Mount Hood on Sunday.

Severe weather conditions forced the climbers to separate to find help. They have not been seen since.

For the past four days rescuers have worked through treacherous snow and wind gusts trying to locate the trio. All searches by foot and helicopter have been limited by the unyielding conditions.

In a press conference Thursday, Kelly's brother, Frank James, told the public that their mother's character is very much a part of his brother inner strength.

Nella June Renfroe says he is absolutely right. She describes the brothers' mother as very strong and patient.

Renfroe says the situation facing James is a dangerous ordeal, but they family believes his inner strength and experience will help him to endure.

"We're still hopeful and if anybody, he's a survivor," Renfroe said.

Thursday afternoon, their hope received a much needed boost. It was determined that James' cell phone had been able to receive a signal. On Sunday searchers trying to track the cell phone's signal were unable to locate a signal after James called his family to let them know he needed help.

Renfroe along with the rest of the family are thankful for the support and encouragement of the entire public but now they say they must turn the whole situation over to God for an outcome.