Pat Green, a Country Superstar on the Rise

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A country singer, Texas born and Texas proud, has found success in the music business.

Pat Green grew up in Waco and is known for his brand of Texas county music, and even though he's selling out stadiums in Houston, Dallas, and New York City, he hasn't forgotten where he comes from.

"It's neat to come back and do these gigs that remind us kind of you know how it should be," Green said.

For several years, Pat has played for sell-out crowds at the Tap in College Station
It's here his die hard fans flock to hear the music they've loved for years.

"I don't know, maybe you know that I never want to grow up kind of a Peter Pan thing," Green said. "It's not that hard to lead a bunch of college kids around who just finished finals to have a beer."

Besides selling out concerts, Pat also tours with major artists like Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and the Dave Matthews Band.
He's also a three-time Grammy nominee.

"A lot of people said they got famous when they finally stopped being someone else," Green said. "That's kind of how it goes, so just chill out and make it fun."

His fans are youthful and a majority - Texan, and thanks to his newest album "Cannonball," Green is well on the road to becoming a country superstar. It's not bad for a guy who grew up 90 miles up Highway 6.

"We get to go around and everywhere we go there's a crowd so we're lucky, fortunate people," Green said. "If we don't at least appreciate it, we have a long way to go."

Pat's sound is infectious and it keeps fans coming back for more.