Wii Flies Off Shelves

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Long lines, and people camping out for some of the season's latest and greatest gaming systems, have become a familiar site this holiday season.

Shoppers lined up outside of Target in College Station, to get their hands on the newest game console, the Nintendo Wii.

That's despite some recent reports of Nintendo Wii players getting so into the game that the controller has either
flown out of their hands, or that the wrist strap has broken.

"I promised my wife I'd get her one of these for Christmas, and this is the only way I could get it for her," said Christmas shopper Brock Roark.

When the doors opened, anxious shoppers filed in to the store one by one and headed straight for the gaming

"We don't keep any of them in stock as soon as we get them in, they sell. Regardless of whether it's 8 a.m. or whatever the time it comes in," said Target Store Team Leader, Chuck Simmons.

"I'm more excited than the kids, I think because I know they wanted it," said shopper, Alejandra Carlos.

Carlos said the Wii was supposed to be a surprise for her children. But when they figured out the surprise, she decided to bring them along with her.

"It will make their Christmas," Carlos said. "It better. We waited all night."

Shoppers were more than ready to fork over the cash, all to have the new gaming system sitting under their tree on Christmas morning.