Holiday Package Sendoff

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'Tis the season for long lines and waiting.
And with just a week left until Christmas, the post office is no exception.

"Today is the busiest day of the mailing season for the holidays and so we're anticipating about 220,000 cards and letters going to be mailed today and packages on top of that," said Bryan Postmaster, Ron Glenn.

Despite all the hustle and bustle of people trying to send off some last minute goodies to their friends and loved ones, lines at the post office weren't slowed down significantly.

"What I ask the customers to do is, don't be concerned with how long the line may appear, because we do have all the cashiers up there working those windows and they're rolling through pretty quick," said Glenn. "Most people are waiting less than five minutes in line."

Customers waiting in line were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the lines were moving.

"It looks like they have all the cubicles full so that's the first time I've seen that, so its going pretty quick," said post office customer, David Lytle.

The post office wasn't the only mailing service that was expected to receive large volumes of packages Monday.
FedEx is also anticipating a record turnout of about 9.8 million packages to move through its global and ground network.

No matter what method of mailing this year's shoppers choose, those who braved the crowds, are glad to have their packages sent off just in time for the holiday.