Injunction Filed as Crash Investigation Continues

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Representatives for the estate of Deborah Giant, the College Station woman killed in the plane crash in Maryland a week-and-a-half ago have filed an injunction against seven parties prohibiting them from changing, destroying or transferring any information related to the crash.

The parties include the heirs of the pilot, Timothy Kramer, the owners and makers of the plane, and the Maryland airport where the crash happened.

The Giant's attorney, Jason Galvez, says they are in the midst of conducting their own investigation, and believe they'll have some answers in a few months.

"One thing is for certain: someone died in this accident who was a passenger in an airplane," Galvez said. "It wasn't her fault. Somebody did something wrong. Our job is to find out who did something wrong."

Galvez said they are awaiting a report from the National Transportation Safety Board on the crash.

Kramer, an assistant professor at Texas A&M, and Giant, a State Bank employee, died near Lee Airport in Maryland on December 9.