Flu Vaccines Going Unused

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After two years of flu vaccine shortages, experts say millions of doses might go unused this year.

Vaccines were delivered late in some areas, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has people forgetting to get the shot.

One reason, most people are accustomed to getting the flu shot in September, October and early November, but this year millions of doses were not delivered until late last month.

And places that got their shipments in on time, still have doses going unused.

"We haven't even used half of it and we sent more emails you know asking employees if they have children or their spouses if they would like to receive them free of charge,we don't even charge them and no one seems interested," Diana Vasquez with the College Station Medical Center said.

The Brazos County Health Department also says they have plenty of shots, but few takers.

Officials say come January the health department might even lower prices, just to get rid of the vaccine.

And the unused vaccines can't be kept.
The flu vaccine is only good for a single season.

"I can't even use them for next year, so that means I have to throw them away," Vasquez said.

Money will also be thrown away this year, since supply has beat demand.

Experts worry this could lead to future shortages.

"This last year I wanted to place quite a bit so we could assure we could have enough," Vasquez said. "We had enough, but not enough people wanted it."

And don't think the flu season is over.
The worst of the flu season usually begins in January.