Aggie Miss USA Reacts to Current Controversy

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Miss USA will keep her crown after all.

Pageant co-owner Donald Trump allowed Tara Conner to retain her title despite reports of heavy drinking while being underage.

Conner wept openly during a press conference, saying she would not let him down. She will also enter rehab, according to Trump.

Conner just turned 21 years old Monday.

One person at that press conference was Aggie Miss USA and former KBTX reporter Kandace Krueger. She won the title back in 2001.

"I'm definitely a little bit surprised, but I would have to say pleasantly surprised," Krueger said. "I think Mr. Trump made a good decision to give her a second chance. He's obviously a very compassionate and gracious man to do that. I just hope that Tara really learns and grows from this experience, and I hope that it obviously not only makes her a better person, but a better Miss USA as well."

Krueger said she thinks most Americans were surprised by the decision to keep the crown on Conner, but also said there's a side to Trump that few have been fortunate to see.

"I think he saw that Tara is going through some difficult times," she said. "It's been a huge adjustment for her moving from a small town in Kentucky to the Big Apple, and I think, in a sense, he was just a giving person in giving her a second chance."

Krueger also said she believes Conner can serve as an example to everyone if she becomes a better person as a result of these events.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this article.