Surge of Troops Into Iraq Being Discussed

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WHITE HOUSE -- The White House acknowledges it's considering a temporary "surge" of US troops in Iraq, but denies a split with the Joint Chiefs over the idea.

Press Secretary Tony Snow says a short-term boost in troop strength is among a number of ideas President Bush is looking at. But he describes as "totally inaccurate" a Washington Post report that the Chiefs are unanimously opposed to the plan -- in the face of "aggressive" support from White House officials.

However, Snow refused to confirm or deny specifics of the report. Bush has said he'll announce a new plan for Iraq early in the new year.

Snow accused reporters of "trying to create a fight" over Iraq options where "one does not exist."

The Post said the Chiefs think the goal of a troop "surge" is ill-defined, and that it could set US forces up for bigger problems once it ends.