Workers Dismissed after Praying at Employee's Cubicle

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Two former employees of the University of Texas at Arlington allege they were fired after praying over another staffer's cubicle and anointing it with olive oil.

Evelyne Shatkin was an administrative assistant and Linda Shifflett was a development funds assistant at UTA. The Liberty Legal Institute of Plano filed a discrimination suit on their behalf in Fort Worth Tuesday.

The suit claims a male worker told them about problems he was having with another employee. Shifflett, Shatkin and the man stayed after work to pray for the employee.

The university says its decision has been upheld by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

UTA's assistant vice president for development said in a letter that "praying, shouting and/or chanting over a co-workers personal and professional belongings without her knowledge and consent constitutes harassment of a fellow co-worker."