Report: Light May Be at Fault in Maryland Plane Crash

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The preliminary report on the Maryland plane crash that killed two local residents is in.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board's initial findings, witnesses who arrived on the scene shortly after the December 9 crash said an obstruction light in place to indicate tall trees near the airport was not illuminated.

It was those trees that Timothy Kramer and Deborah Giant crashed into, killing the A&M professor and the State Bank employee.

A pilot flying into Lee Airport just days earlier had noted the same issue with that obstruction light.

The day after the crash, the report states an NTSB investigator took the fuse from the light control switch and replaced it. The light did turn on. However, the investigator found the fuse he had taken from the light was indeed working. After its reinstallation on December 11, the obstruction light continued to work.

The NTSB investigation continues.