Real vs. Fake

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It's become a recent holiday dilemma, whether to purchase an artificial or a real Christmas tree.

Previous studies have suggested that artificial trees trump real tree sales. However, real trees locally haven't been suffering.
In fact, one local tree farm reports sales are better than ever.

"This is my third year working here and it seems each year we're getting more trees and more people coming in, so I really think the live tree market is increasing," said Farm Patch Christmas Tree employee, Jared Salvato.

In 2005, Americans purchased more than 32 million real trees compared to a little more than 9 million artificial trees, this is according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

Salvato believes that you can't put tradition in a box.

"An artificial just doesn't seem like Christmas," said Salvato. "You can't get the green. You can't get the right smell, and you can't get the same look from an artificial tree."

Artificial trees are, however, becoming more and more realistic looking, and one retail store says sales remain steady.

"Our artificial tree sales have been as expected we have pretty much the same amount in stock that we would expect to have at this point in time," said Target Store Team Leader, Chuck Simmons.

Simmons said, that many people are attracted to purchase an artificial tree for a couple of reasons.

"Most definitely the ease of setting it up and taking it down," said Simmons."There's no clean up mess or dead pine needles laying around and just the convenience and the efficiency of the cost that you're not having to invest in a tree every year."

So whether you're a purist or purely motivated by convenience, there's a Christmas tree for you.
Neither choice appears to be going away anytime soon.