OPAS Still On for Fall 2007, Just Not in Rudder

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The rumor mill has be churning concerning the Fall 2007 season for MSC OPAS. The Rudder facilities on the A&M campus will undergo major renovations from June through the end of 2007.

So what does that mean for fans of the arts?

"What we're expecting is that we'll be doing fewer programs in the fall semester just simply by reason of the fact that we'll be using other facilities all over Bryan-College Station," said Anne Black, the executive director of OPAS.

In a six-month period, OPAS normally presents between 10 and 12 shows according to Black. The quantity of shows may drop in Fall 2007, but Black says the quality should not.

"This has been very energizing for us," she said. "What started as, 'oh my goodness, what will we do' very quickly dissolved into conversations about opportunity and stepping outside the way we normally do things."

So the search has been on for the committee over the last three months, trying not only to find interesting shows, but also facilities that could house them. The Bush Conference Center and G. Rollie White Coliseum have been discussed.

So here are the preliminary possibilities. First, there is no facility other than Rudder to house a broadway show, so that is out. What may be in is a large event of some sort at Reed Arena. Stay tuned on that, Black says. Also, smaller concerts are possible, as well as outside-the-box ideas like community dinner theater.

"What people can really depend on is that it's going to be a good, very interesting, got to pay attention to know what's going on kind of a fall season," Black said.

And that Fall 2007 season will be announced coming up in April.