Bush 43's Library Headed for SMU?

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Baylor University Bush Library Project Director Tommye Lou Davis said Thursday that while she’s disappointed by the announcement the committee formed to recommend a site for the George W. Bush Presidential Library is entering exclusive talks with Southern Methodist University, she remains “cautiously optimistic.”

“This does not mean we’ve been eliminated,” Davis said.

SMU President R. Gerald Turner announced Thursday afternoon that library search committee chairman Don Evans has notified the university that “SMU has been selected by the committee for the next phase of planning discussions. These discussions will begin after the first of the year.”

Evans called Davis at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday to advise her of the decision.

She said it was made clear to her that Baylor has not been totally eliminated from consideration.

Evans confirmed Thursday afternoon that a final decision about the site of the library has not been made and that the decision to enter into discussions with SMU is just the next step in the selection process.

“I’m disappointed that they’re not entering into discussions with us,” Davis said, “but I remain cautiously optimistic about Baylor University and the possibility of a presidential library being here.”

“I’ll continue to hold out hope until the foundation is poured,” Davis said.

A final decision about the site is reportedly at least six weeks away.

The committee earlier picked SMU, Baylor and the University of Dallas as the finalists for the library.

University of Dallas President Francis M. Lazarus released a
statement Thursday saying school officials "know that no official
decision has yet been made."