Brazos County Party Ends in Murder

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A Bryan man was killed and another man was injured early Saturday morning after a three men broke into a gambling party in rural Brazos County.

It happened at a house on Silver Hill Road west of Bryan near Texas 21.

"Last night, they had a party, it was actually a gambling party, and they were throwing dice," said Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk.

Authorities believe that there were at least 12-15 people actively involved in gambling, when a gun shot was fired and the handle of the door was blasted off.

"Three armed men burst through the back door and robbed all of the participants, and actually forced them at gunpoint to lay down on the floor. Then they searched them and got all their valuables," said Kirk.

According to authorities, one of the suspects then shot two men sitting on a couch at the dice table.

"From what we've been able to ascertain from the witnesses and what we've found at the scene, they shot two victims for no apparent reason," said Kirk. "There wasn't any altercation and they just started shooting."

One of the victims, 22 year old Terrell McCoy, was shot in the head and died at the scene.
Another man was shot in the back. He was treated at St. Joseph Regional Health Center for non-life threatening injuries.

Sheriff's deputies spent the morning scouring the crime scene.

"One of the bullets has pierced through the building and we're trying to recover the bullet. Then we're also just trying to look for any other things that we missed in the dark, said Kirk. "We're just researching the area to make sure that we got everything."

Authorities are looking for three black men in their late teens to early twenties.
Two of the men are 5'8", the other suspect is described as 5'5".
They all had dread-locks or braided hair and were all wearing white T-shirts, jeans, and blue bandanas covering their faces.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Brazos County Crime Stoppers at 775-TIPS.