4th Annual Transition Fair

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Bryan ISD, College Station ISD and Texas A&M collaborated for the fourth Transition Fair for students with disabilities.

Students from surrounding high schools along with their parents came out to attend the event.

Parents were grateful to receive information about helping their special needs children with making transitions in life.

Denise Allmon lives outside of Huntsville with her special needs son and drove nearly an hour to come into town.

"Huntsville doesn't offer all the opportunities that Bryan-College Station offers and so we want to the best opportunities to grow and develop job skills and to help him succeed as he grows up," said Allmon.

The Transition Fair was for everyone with a disability. It's a network to help those making that next step in life.

Those transitions include graduation from high school, getting a job or moving forward with independent living.

Mary Velleca, a mother of a participant says when her son was in school years ago, many resources were not available for him.

“If you can meet and get resources before school is out then you’re so much further then it's so much better for the child and yourself. You don’t have to panic,“ said Velleca

Dennis Leach wants his 17 year-old Autistic son to have a job and eventually become independent.

"The main thing is to learn what resources are out here and to get him to get out and to interact with other people, I mean he does real well."

No matter one's learning level, there are different opportunities available for those who follow through and pursue them.