Hitting The Sales The Day After Christmas

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Christmas may be over, but the hunt for holiday bargains continues. Shoppers flocked to stores Tuesday, looking for deep discounts.

One of those deal hunters was Lois Robinson, who said she loves shopping the day after Christmas for the sales. Fellow shopper, Christie Trenckmann agrees with Robinson, and said since it's still Christmas time, extra money will allow for bargain purchases.

Stores are expecting nearly nine percent of holiday purchases to be returned, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation. That number is up two percent compared to an annual rate of about seven percent.

However, returns locally, don't seem to be on the minds of shoppers.

Amanda Kovar said, "I enjoyed everything I got, even though I have to exchange a few things, but it was all good I guess."

It seems Brazos Valley residents were out to take advantage of discounted holiday items. Target Store Team Leader, Chuck Simmons said, when the store opened at 7 a.m., early risers where on a mission to buy.

"We've seen primarily a lot of sales. We've seen normal traffic on our returns, so it hasn't been too terribly busy on the return end. And it's pretty much everybody just wanting all the discounted seasonal products," Simmons said.

With Christmas items marked at least 50 percent off at Target, clearance sales created empty shelf space and helped shoppers give Santa an early head start for next year.