Blue Bell Celebrates 100 Years

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The so-called official ice cream of Texas is celebrating its 100th year of creating smiles.

In 2007 Blue Bell Creameries hits the century mark, and in celebration of the milestone the company is taking a road trip.

The Blue Bell "rolling birthday party" caravan, will be making stops in 66 cities throughout 16 states where Blue Bell is sold, beginning with Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona in January, and ending with Baton Rouge, Louisiana in December.

The tour includes a free of charge multi-vehicle exhibit. It features multi-media presentations of the history of Blue Bell and how the ice cream is made, along with a display of the current line-up of Blue Bell products. Every visitor also receives a free serving of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

"We're excited about the centennial year," Paul Kruse Blue Bell President and CEO said. "I mean not a lot of companies make it that far and ice cream is fun. We have a good story to tell."

That story started in 1907, and now the famous gold rimmed half gallon carton can be seen in stores across the south.

"We try to do everything right," Kruse said. "We use the good, fresh ingredients and we want to deliver value to the customers."

A blow up bounce house in the shape of a carton of vanilla ice cream will also make the birthday celebration trip, along with a shop full of commemorative items. Profits from the sale of the items will go to benefit the local Boys and Girls Clubs or another children's charity in each locale.

Blue Bell has also released a special anniversary ice cream that you can find in supermarkets come January.
Another flavor will be announced in July.
During that same month Blue Bell will host a country-style birthday celebration in Brenham on July 19-21 at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Blue Bell is also inviting fans to participate in the name a flavor "Taste of the Country," contest. Starting January 1, consumers can submit a flavor name suggestive of their own state and local dessert traditions.

In an entry 100 words or less, each contestant must submit an original ice cream flavor and description, including possible ingredients, and why the flavor represents their state.

Entry forms can be found on Blue Bell's website starting January 1 at
More information can also be found at that site.

The contest ends April 30, 2007.