Sheehan Arrested Outside Bush's Ranch

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Authorities say peace activist Cindy Sheehan and four other protesters were arrested Thursday for blocking a road near President Bush's ranch.

Their protest briefly delaying state troopers who were to serve in escort motorcades for government officials meeting with Bush.

An eyewitness says Sheehan and the others lay or sat in the road about two minutes and didn't heed requests to move.

A Texas Department of Public Safety Lieutenant says troopers arriving to ride in escort motorcades were among the people delayed by the demonstration.

Deputy White House press secretary Scott Stanzel says none of the top advisers who attended the meeting at the ranch, including Vice President Dick Cheney, were delayed.

A McLennan County Jail bond clerk says Sheehan and the others were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a highway passageway. It was unclear whether a judge planned to come out tonight for an arraignment, in which case Sheehan and the others would have to spend the night in jail.