Residents React in Aftermath of Storms

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By late Friday afternoon, severe weather left its mark in the local area.

Doux Chene Apartment residents had to run for cover. When night fell, College Station utility crews were working trying to restore power to part of the complex.

Doux Chene Apartment owner, Glen Wyant, says the damage was extensive.

"We've lost several roofs entirely," Wyant said. "There's a lot of wind debris and damage out here. It's pretty significant."

Damage was so bad that he estimates over a million dollars worth of damage. Wyant and his staff spent the evening working to see which residents were displaced by the storm.

One of those residents was Sean Shelton. The apartment walls caved in on his wife and his three children.

"She grabbed them and took them back into the back room," Shelton said.

His family had to be rescued by firefighters. A little shaken, his family was OK.

"They're fine," Shelton said. "You know, they're scared. It scared them, but they're OK. Nobody was hurt."

The apartment complex wasn't the only building to suffer damage. The shopping center right next door also had roof damage and windows blown out.

Steven Vandivort, owner of Shoe Daze, says he was outside and saw a tornado headed towards his store.

"The wind picked up and the door blew open, so we ran to the back room and before we even got there ,all the glass behind me just blew up," Vandivort said. "It sounded like an explosion."

On the last Friday in 2006, Mother Nature has made sure people will talking about it in 2007.