Homes, Farms, Roads Damaged in Madison County

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In Madison and Leon counties, the storm damage was just as severe, if not moreso.

Authorities say a tornado damaged an area along OSR between F.M. 39 in Normangee and I-45.

One eyewitness says the storm bypassed his property, but struck his neighbor's chicken farm.

Sources tell News 3 as many as 15,000 of the animals were killed.

As for road closures in Madison County, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that OSR is now reopened. Crews finished ahead of schedule to get power lines off the road.

You could see some periodic lane closures in the coming days, but the road itself is back open to through traffic.

The bad news is for residents who use F.M. 1452. TxDOT has closed the road because of two culverts that washed out during Friday's rain.

Repair work is expected to start Monday. FM 1452 will likely be closed until Wednesday or Thursday of next week.