The Aftermath of the Storm

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The day after a severe storm system hit the Brazos valley, the aftermath of the storm remained.

Local businesses such as Studio One Photography tried to dry off Saturday morning as crews worked to air out and clean up the mess that the storm left behind.

"We have a vacuum that we remove the water with, and extract the water with," said Rick Curry of Specialty Restoration of Texas. "And we have an air blower we put in there to circulate the air and the machines we put in there to get the moisture out of the air, just to help it dry out quicker."

Many workers all over the Brazos Valley worked late into Friday night, and were back at it early again Saturday morning, trying to get debris from the storm cleaned up.

"I was on my balcony when it hit so I saw the funnel cloud, bouncing up and down and everything and I was pretty scared,"said Doux Chene resident, Jennifer Alsup.

The Doux Chene Apartments suffered some of the most severe damage in College Station and left some tenants indefinitely displaced.

Residents of the apartment complex sifted through the remains of their units trying to salvage as many things as possible.

"It really just looks like trash, the whole apartment. It's hard to distinguish between what's trash and what's mine, because stuff has blown everywhere," said Jason Brown.

The American Red Cross was on site at the apartment complex to help residents with any immediate disaster caused needs.

"We are doing damage assessment on the buildings to see just exactly how they were affected. Some completely lost their roofs and others seem to be unaffected," said Sharon Zambrzycki of the American Red Cross. "We'll be meeting with the residents to provide the appropriate assistance to cover some of their losses."

The day after the storm, many businesses had already cleared up damaged signs, and replaced broken glass with boarded windows.

Charles Salyers of the Firestone Tire and Service Center, on Texas Avenue in College Station said that despite the strong winds which blew out two huge glass doors, that just 24 hours after the storm that it was back to business as usual.

For many other businesses impacted by the last major storm of 2006, cleanup and repairs will continue into at least early 2007.