Complete Video of Saddam's Hanging Emerges

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NEW YORK -- You can see video of just about everything on the Internet -- and that includes Saddam Hussein's execution.

Iraqi authorities haven't released any video. But some video apparently taken with a cell phone has emerged on the Internet. It clearly shows Saddam falling to his death and briefly swinging on a rope, with his neck grotesquely bent.

None of the US TV networks have used those images, although some are using the parts leading up to the trap door opening.

Iraqi state TV earlier carried video of men in black ski masks placing the noose around Saddam's neck. Those images were picked up by American TV.

It wasn't until late Saturday afternoon, Eastern time, that the cell-phone video emerged. Al-Jazeera ran an abridged version, and it was picked up by Fox News Channel.

ABC News says it may use brief portions of the new video showing Saddam standing in his last moments alive. A network official says it includes audio showing that Saddam was taunted in his final moments, and that it was a "much more hostile environment" than was shown in the earlier video.