Brazos County Expo Center Under Construction

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After more than five years in the making, the Brazos County Exposition Complex is on its way to completion.

Construction started in May and officials say the entire project should be finished by the end of July.

"We're real excited about it," Brazos County Judge Randy Sims said.

After a few cutbacks because of the escalation in price, the county's vision is coming to fruition.

"We've already got horse shows wanting to come in here which brings a lot of money to town," Sims said. "They have to buy gas, food, and many of them will stay in hotels. We're excited about the economic impact it will make on Brazos County."

The project has been divided into three parts.
The covered arena, which will include 3,000 seats, will be used for livestock shows and rodeos.
The stall barn which sits next to the arena will house livestock and equipment.
These two facilities should be finished by the first week of July.

The exhibit hall, a space for trade shows and conventions should be completed by the end of July.

"It's coming together and there is a lot of interest," Tom Quarles the Expo Center Director said. "We're getting several events booked and I think the future is really bright."

The complex is expected to cost 15.6 million, but could end up costing up to 1 million more.

The funds were approved during a 2000 bond election.

County Judge Randy Sims says the 1 million could be paid in many ways.

"Some of it may have to come out of interest we've been making off the funds we had sitting there for a long time," Sims said. "The other may have to come out of the general fund budget."

Officials with the Expo Center say the price is well worth it, and they project the money will be made back.

If all goes well, the first event will take place in the middle of July.

The Brazos County Exposition Complex is located at the intersection of Leonard Road and Jones Road near Highway 47.