100 Tall Texans Honored

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The George Bush Library is currently featuring 100 extraordinary Texans in an appropriately named exhibit, 100 Tall Texans.

"100 Tall Texans started out as a magazine insert in the Houston Chronicle in late 1999. And the curator saw the insert in the newspaper thought it would be a great idea for an exhibit," said Warren Finch, the Director of the George Bush Presidential Library.

The exhibit not only honors the remarkable individuals, it also features one of a kind memorabilia.

One such artifact, a golf club, which Alan Shepard made and used on his voyage to the moon in 1941. The "moon club" is valued at $8 million.

Tracking down the artifacts, turned out to be an easier task than first expected.

"It's amazing when you make a phone call, who you talk to," said Finch. "Selena is in the exhibit and we wanted an artifact from Selena so we called her fan club and her father answered the phone and we got a costume from Selena."

Even if you can't find your favorite Texan in the main exhibit, one can just wander over to the Texas Lone Stars exhibit which highlights 20 additional heroes.

However, if you want to see the exhibit in person, you better do it soon.

"We're redoing the entire core, and we'll re-open back up in November. So if they want to come see a great temporary exhibit, and see the core this is the time to do it because April 20th we're closed for about six months," said Finch.