Brady Believes New Congress Will Work Together

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One of the returning congressmen is Texas Republican Kevin Brady. District 8's representative says he will push for expansion of Highway 190 across East Texas, and also for a rural crime lab at Sam Houston State.

But Brady also says it's a misconception that Republicans and Democrats refuse to see eye-to-eye.

"I think, like most national media impressions, they are inaccurate," Brady said. "What I've found is that when you work together -- Republicans, Democrats -- the media pays no attention to it."

The Republican who represents Huntsville and The Woodlands among other cities says the power shift on Capitol Hill has altered the political landscape.

"People deserve a fair chance to do what they need to do as leaders," Brady said, "so I think we need to give the new Democratic leadership a chance to do that. I think there will be common ground on issues like health care, which is so expensive, and education and reducing student loan rates. I think we'll be able to work together beautifully on that.

"We are, as a matter of principle, going to disagree on issues like the war and amnesty and raising taxes," he continued. "We just are going to see things differently, but that doesn't mean we just can't get a lot done working together."

Brady represented a larger portion of the Brazos Valley before redistricting changed his constituency. Regardless of who he is representing and who the leaders are, he says he's happy to be returning to Washington once again.

"Any day that you're sworn in to office to represent the heart of Texas and to help guide this country is a very good day," Brady said. "I think, especially with the new leadership and the first woman speaker in American history, it really is a historic day, and I think Nancy Pelosi's role is going to be an inspiration for a lot of young women."