Robbery, Murder at Navasota Liquor Store

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Navasota Police are now looking into the possibility that more than one person was involed in the Friday shooting of a liquor store owner.

Officials tell News 3 that the victim's 410/.45 pistol is missing from the store. The pistol has a blue finish to it.

Anyone who sees this weapon or knows any information about the case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (936)873-2000.

A reward up to $4,000 is being offered for leads that end in the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in this crime.

The fatal shooting in Navasota has left a family in grief and a community in disbelief.

Business owner Don Stolz, 57, was killed inside his liquor store shortly after 12 pm during an armed robbery. Police found Stolz's body after being called to the scene by someone who reported hearing gunfire.

During his time in business, Stolz often cashed personal checks for his customers. Because of this, he was believed to have extra cash on hand in his business. Authorities believe that could be the motive.

Witnesses were able to provide a description of a person seen leaving the store during the time frame of the shooting. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20's, 5'-6" to 5'-8" weighing 150 to 160 pounds. He is said to have short unkempt hair, possibly wearing a yellow fanny pack.

He is believed to be driving a Chevrolet Astro van, dark green to green blue, with noticeable body damage to the left front, including the left headlight.