Lawsuit Filed Against Carousel Acres' Owners

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There is more controversy brewing at the equestrian center where 27 horses died.

A defamation lawsuit has been filed by a former employee against Carousel Acres' owners, Bradley and Beverly Raphel and employee, Enrique Subauste.

Marina Salazar, who worked at Carousel Acres for eight years, claims she has been falsely accused in the horses deaths.

In November, the Department of Agriculture's investigation revealed Raphel believed Salazar poisoned the horses.

In the lawsuit Salazar says she was fired on that belief and says she has not had another job since.

The lawsuit asks for damages for emotional distress and lost pay.

The Department of Agriculture's report stated toxicology results on three of the dead horses pointed to the ingestion of phosphine gas as the cause of death.

State investigators said Brad Raphel, gave three conflicting statements about when a pesticide was applied to the horse feed used to control weevils.

Investigators also said Raphel didn't have another person present when he bought the pesticide, as required by law.

The state's investigation is on-going.