Council Holds Key to Golf Course

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The road to getting some improvements on the Bryan Municipal Golf course has been anything but par for the course.

First, an architect was contracted to create a "masterplan" to rebuild the course, which would have brought an estimated $2.3 million in improvements.

That plan, however, was put on hold when the course became a viable option for the new Health Science Center.
However in the end, the golf course was not chosen.

"Even though it offered some good acreage it didn't allow enough room for future growth," said David Storrie of the city of Bryan.

With the Health Science center no longer a possibility at the course, the question remains what's next for the golf course?

Storrie said improvements are now being focused more on the course itself, such as addressing an irrigation problem.
He is also taking in feedback from the Bryan Golf Association.

"They expressed an interest in seeing improvements in tee boxes and greens, and so that in a nutshell is what we're pursuing now," said Storrie. "Going out to see how much it would cost to redo the back nine at the golf course."

However, according to some of the regular golfers at the course, it needs little improvement.

"It's pretty nice the way it is," said golfer Jim Boswell.

George Hardwick plays the Bryan course multiple times a week and said,"All this golf course needs is a new sprinkler, then leave it alone."

Storrie said he hopes the savings from going with a less costly maintenance facility for the golf course last year, can now be redirected.
A decision which may be determined when the Bryan City Council meets Tuesday.

"We saved 145,000 dollars," said Storrie. "What we've asked them to do is set that money aside for future capital improvements on the golf course."