41 Planning on Another Jump

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As he recovers at home from hip replacement surgery, former President George H.W. Bush is already thinking about jumping out of an airplane --- again.

Bush plans to mark his 85th birthday in June 2009 by skydiving like he did when he turned 80.

In the meantime, the 82-year-old former president said he is doing physical therapy, walking and following doctors' orders.

Bush was discharged from the Mayo Clinic on Saturday, following an operation on his right hip last week.

Surgeons at the clinic replaced his left hip in 2000.

The former president has made several highly publicized skydives in the last decade --- most recently in 2004 to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Bush plans to travel in February to Qatar for the opening of a new engineering building at the Texas A&M campus there.

He also is anticipating commissioning in November a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier which bears his name.