Mixed Reactions to Bush's Plan

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"If he didn't believe in it, he wouldn't be doing what he is doing," said College Station Senior Officer, Karla Wiesepape, of her husband who is currently serving in Iraq.

Wiesepape is acting as a single parent while her husband is on his second tour in Iraq.
She is one of many managing work and home while her spouse is serving on Iraqi waters.

With the President's decision to send more than 20,000 additional troops to Iraq, some families of those serving, are undecided on what is the right decision.

"I couldn't tell you, I don't know. I've got my feelings that I would rather him be here, taking care of our family, taking care of what needs to be taken care of here at home," said Wiesepape. "But then on the other hand, if it's something he believes in then I'm going to support him."

Here locally, opinions on the President's plan for Iraq seems to be split.

"We need to get the people in Baghdad to trusting their government and this is the only way I know we can do it," said one Bryan resident.

While another simply stated,"Well it's a lot of youngsters, and well they don't need to go."

Wiesepape now carries around a token of her husband's with her everyday, and says she is proud of him and the work he does.

However she clings to the memory of when she first saw her husband, when he first returned from Iraq.

"I wouldn't let him go," said Wiesepape. "And I don't know, I just want him home."