Body Found in Trash-Filled Brazos County Ditch

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The remains of a badly decomposing body are being examined by Brazos County authorities after a gruesome discovery Thursday night. Sheriff's officials worked through the night at the site, located on FM 159 just west of Navasota.

Just after 6 p.m. Thursday evening, a Navasota resident searching for recyclables was rummaging through ditch running from a culvert along FM 159, when he came across not only garbage, but the unthinkable.

"It's a rather gruesome sight," said Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk. "We can tell it's an adult. We don't know the sex or race at this time. The body is not intact."

According to Kirk early Friday morning, only bones and tissue remains of the body had been recovered, a torso with a leg attached, and the other leg detached from the body.

"Obviously, our primary concern is to recover the body and all of the remains that we can, and then any evidence that might help lead us to more of a story of how this body ended up here," Kirk said.

It has been some time since a body in this condition has been recovered by Brazos County authorities, the sheriff said, adding that it's likely the body has been in the ditch for weeks, if not months.

"We don't know what the mechanism of death is or how the remains got scattered like this," Kirk said. "We suspect that there might have been some environmental influence on that, as well as some animal influence."

So now, with remains cruelly treated by Mother Nature, and maybe by others, authorities will begin the process of somehow identifying who this person is, and how they ended up where they did.

Sheriff Kirk says either a forensic pathologist or a forensic anthropologist will examine the remains next. He added that an anthropologist might be best suited for the job considering the state of the body.