Jack Frost Blows into Brazos Valley

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"It's all about being prepared," said TxDot official Bob Colwell.

Piles of icing rock lay ready to be spread across roads at the first sign of wintry conditions.
TxDot said now they are just waiting on Old Man Winter himself.

"We started last week, started getting ready," said Colwell. "We have our trucks on standby. "We're continuing to monitor the weather."

With the cold Arctic air headed to the Brazos Valley, TxDot is making preparations to deal with the possibility of hazardous road conditions, which could continue for a good portion of the week.

"We'll load up our dump trucks and put a chip spreader on there and they put icing rock in the bed of the dump truck. And what we'll do is, we'll go over the bridges and overpasses and we'll hit the main use facilities first," said Colwell. "So like say, State Highway 6, we'd go and get those and then go out and get our FM roads."

TxDot advises motorists who don't have to get out in the weather to stay home and off the roads.

However, for those having to get out in the wet wintry mix, there are a few tips that can help prepare you and your car for the weather.

Colwell advised when getting in your car in the morning,"Go out and get it started, let it warm up in the morning before you go because you may have ice on it."

When on the roads, "Slow down, give yourself plenty of time and even if you didn't, it's better to arrive late, than to not arrive at all," said Colwell.

But if you do find yourself in a slippery situation, and your car goes into a skid....
"The best thing you could probably do is get off the accelerator, but don't hit your breaks, just ride it out," said Colwell.