Winter Weather Sweeps Through the Brazos Valley

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The winter weather has taken our area by storm.

From freezing conditions to swelling creeks, winter was visible in Brazos County and beyond.

Around noon Monday temperatures dropped below freezing, producing freezing rain and icy conditions.

Gibbons Creek in Grimes County swelled, inching closer to the roadway as water covered a barely visible fence.

All makings of a dreary day, but to some it was weather they had waited for all year.

"This is our first freezing weather and I like it, but it doesn't have to stay that long," Tracie Daniell, a Brazos County resident said.

"We don't get to see much freezing weather in this part of Texas so it's kind of nice every now and then to be reminded that when it's 100 degrees in July you can remember we did have to wear the jacket once," Brazos County resident Ronnie Podraza said.

Temperatures are expected to stay below freezing through Tuesday and icy road conditions are expected to get worse by Tuesday morning.

The Texas Department of Transportation, Brazos County, and the cities of Bryan and College Station say they are prepared for the winter weather.

Crews are ready to put icing rock out when needed.

As of Monday afternoon, The Texas Department of Transportation had covered roads in Burleson, Milam and Freestone counties.